A greener cleaner future it’s what we all want. Fusion Power Getting Closer Say UK Scientists. A UK company says it could be as little as five years from making “reactor relevant” fusion, a potential game changer in energy production. Jim Drury reports. Video provided by Reuters. Info’ source Reuters. https://www.sciencedaily.com/videos/e5c9410bdf6a7a1b922e81e79e2c2982.htm
District Heating. District heating (DH) is among MK-NRG’s core competences since the 1980s. Our consultancy services include all aspects of planning, design, and monitoring of district heating plants in Denmark and internationally. We have been involved heavily in the UK DH sector in the past 4 years. Lately, district cooling has also been an integrated part of our project portfolio. We use state-of-the-art modelling tools for optimising design of new and existing heating and cooling systems. Within Operations & Management we offer solutions such as real time models for optimising temperatures in the distribution network. MK-NRG’ offers unparalleled in house design and commercial service in the district heating and cooling sector, including investment grade project economic analysis and financial modelling, planning, supplier contracts, basis for decision-making, detailed design, construction management, supervisory control and Operations & Management (O&M), as well as installations (low temperature installations). http://www.mooneykellyniras.com/services-district.html
Why use more energy than necessary? What are the merits of living in a greener more energy efficient home? Efficient technologies, easier maintenance, a return on your investment, improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency and water efficiency. What’s not to like there? We can help you achieve all or some of these merits in your existing home or place of work. http://www.mooneykellyniras.com/services-energy.html http://ow.ly/i/hPO7O http://ow.ly/i/hPO8q http://ow.ly/i/hPO9X