Over the last twenty six years the company has built up a strong, word-of-mouth reputation for its project management and construction consultancy skills, both amongst its clients and other project partners in the construction industry. The drive to achieve sustainable solutions to protect the environment for those who follow has created a demand for new commercial skills and knowledge that will assist companies in meeting their legal and social obligations. To meet that demand, Mooney Kelly employs qualified professionals to give independent advice to organisations looking to meet or exceed corporate, economic and environmental expectations and to issue certificates, reports and other mandatory documentation. http://www.mooneykelly.com/whoweare.htm
We commit to meeting high ethical standards in all aspects of our business, by conducting our activities with honesty, integrity and transparency, adhering to our corporate responsibility principles, and complying with applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate. We will comply with legal, regulatory and license requirements. Our business decisions will take account of economic, social and environmental factors. We will not tolerate corruption or collusion, whether direct or indirect, in any form. http://www.mooneykelly.com/our_corporate.htm
“Mooney Kelly haven’t dashed for growth over the years. That would have diminished the director input, as the directors would have had to stop being project managers and just be businessmen instead. They’ve never done that and it shows they have a passion for what they do. They offer a director-led service and clients always benefit from the wealth of experience they bring”. Eddie Picton, MEB Consultant with NimbusRose. http://www.mooneykelly.com/faqs.htm