What do we mean by ‘Building Services Engineering?’ The integration of engineering services into a building project is a vital component of building project. Mooney Kelly recognises the importance of public health, mechanical and electrical services, voice, data and video communications, security control systems and all other state-of-the-art technologies within construction projects. In fact, we employ specialist teams just for this purpose. These teams come with sound technical engineering backgrounds, which they have complemented with experience in project, commercial and contractual skills. We offer pre and post contract financial solutions on a full range of mechanical and electrical systems. These services can be tailored and adapted to achieve individual client objectives. High voltage power, low voltage power, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, instrumentation and controls, security, data, voice, audio/visual, cctv, access control, energy conservation and sustainable solutions, escalators/lifts. http://www.mooneykelly.com/whatwe_building.htm
Mooney Kelly for best value solutions. c As adding value to our client’s business, is our core business we ensure best value solutions. Our extensive network of suppliers and contractors enables us to provide accurate market pricing for the construction and energy sector. We are experts in lean project management techniques and supply chain management in the most economically beneficial manner for our clients. http://www.mooneykellyniras.com/services-procurement.html

Mooney Kelly for commercial management. We can add value from the very earliest stages of a project. Mooney Kelly and partners bring to the table the breadth and depth of 40 years’ knowledge of all forms of contract and procurement options as well as hands-on experience of the real, competitive and fast-moving commercial world. We manage cost and cash flow, risk analysis and all relevant commercial factors, to ensure our clients get real value for money at all times.
Mooney Kelly offer a full range of commercial management services and those services can be readily tailored and adapted to achieve individual client objectives. Feasibility studies, cost estimates, procurement strategy, tender documentation, tender analysis/recommendation, commercial procedures, change management, cost control, cash flow management, sub-contact management, financial statements and final accounts. #commercialmanagement http://www.mooneykelly.com/whatwe_commercial.htm http://ow.ly/i/lDxt1 http://ow.ly/i/lDxtt

Over the last twenty six years the company has built up a strong, word-of-mouth reputation for its project management and construction consultancy skills, both amongst its clients and other project partners in the construction industry. The drive to achieve sustainable solutions to protect the environment for those who follow has created a demand for new commercial skills and knowledge that will assist companies in meeting their legal and social obligations. To meet that demand, Mooney Kelly employs qualified professionals to give independent advice to organisations looking to meet or exceed corporate, economic and environmental expectations and to issue certificates, reports and other mandatory documentation. http://www.mooneykelly.com/whoweare.htm
We commit to meeting high ethical standards in all aspects of our business, by conducting our activities with honesty, integrity and transparency, adhering to our corporate responsibility principles, and complying with applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate. We will comply with legal, regulatory and license requirements. Our business decisions will take account of economic, social and environmental factors. We will not tolerate corruption or collusion, whether direct or indirect, in any form. http://www.mooneykelly.com/our_corporate.htm
“Mooney Kelly haven’t dashed for growth over the years. That would have diminished the director input, as the directors would have had to stop being project managers and just be businessmen instead. They’ve never done that and it shows they have a passion for what they do. They offer a director-led service and clients always benefit from the wealth of experience they bring”. Eddie Picton, MEB Consultant with NimbusRose. http://www.mooneykelly.com/faqs.htm

Sonatest VEO. Sonatest are an existing client of ours, they produce Non Destructive Testing Equipment locally to us but are an internationally renowned company, who are world leaders in their field, with ultrasonic flaw detectors. We have created their website as part of a complete package of web solutions for the UK’s leading NDT company. You can check out their website http://sonatest.com/ which they can update easily and has news feeds to keep clients up to date. Here at Bluegreen we specialize in websites that work and that completely tailored to our clients’ needs.
http://www.bluegreendesign.co.uk/our-work/market-sectors/industrial/ http://ow.ly/i/hPQxC http://ow.ly/i/hPQyw

A greener cleaner future it’s what we all want. Fusion Power Getting Closer Say UK Scientists. A UK company says it could be as little as five years from making “reactor relevant” fusion, a potential game changer in energy production. Jim Drury reports. Video provided by Reuters. Info’ source Reuters. https://www.sciencedaily.com/videos/e5c9410bdf6a7a1b922e81e79e2c2982.htm
District Heating. District heating (DH) is among MK-NRG’s core competences since the 1980s. Our consultancy services include all aspects of planning, design, and monitoring of district heating plants in Denmark and internationally. We have been involved heavily in the UK DH sector in the past 4 years. Lately, district cooling has also been an integrated part of our project portfolio. We use state-of-the-art modelling tools for optimising design of new and existing heating and cooling systems. Within Operations & Management we offer solutions such as real time models for optimising temperatures in the distribution network. MK-NRG’ offers unparalleled in house design and commercial service in the district heating and cooling sector, including investment grade project economic analysis and financial modelling, planning, supplier contracts, basis for decision-making, detailed design, construction management, supervisory control and Operations & Management (O&M), as well as installations (low temperature installations). http://www.mooneykellyniras.com/services-district.html
Why use more energy than necessary? What are the merits of living in a greener more energy efficient home? Efficient technologies, easier maintenance, a return on your investment, improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency and water efficiency. What’s not to like there? We can help you achieve all or some of these merits in your existing home or place of work. http://www.mooneykellyniras.com/services-energy.html http://ow.ly/i/hPO7O http://ow.ly/i/hPO8q http://ow.ly/i/hPO9X

INDUSTRY NEWS 22.02.2016 – THE UK MUST TRY HARDER. The UK must try harder in the next 12 to 18 months to make its renewable energy market more attractive, according to EY.

In a February update to its renewable energy attractiveness index, EY said 2016 would be a make or break year for UK renewables, as well as several other countries including Australia, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain.
In contrast, “rising stars” in renewable energy are Brazil, Chile, Egypt, India, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey and the USA.
These markets, said EY, show no signs of slowing down and continue to offer “far reaching energy investment opportunities”.

Mature and steady markets, which offer stable and attractive investment and deployment opportunities, include China, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden and Japan.
However, because these markets are mature they are also “increasingly saturated”, EY said.
Potential growth markets can be found in Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam. The main reason these countries are “markets to watch” is their “sheer scale or energy imperative”.
Markets where opportunities have been slow to be realised or are unclear in the long term beyond specific technologies include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan. http://renews.biz/101631/uk-must-try-harder/

News released last week reveals that six renewable energy innovations primed for Government’s £500m nest egg. The Government’s £500m of allocated funds for green innovation could propel the UK into being a world-leader in energy generation, if the money is spent in key areas such as wave and tidal energy, low-carbon heat and energy storage. That’s according to Scotland’s renewable energy forum, Scottish Renewables, which today (17 February) released a new report that identifies six key innovation areas for the Government.
Priority areas
The report highlights six key priority areas for the £500m innovation funding: – 1. Wave and tidal energy – at which the UK already leads the world, Scottish Renewables says, with facilities like the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney providing cutting-edge test opportunities.
2. Storage technologies – which can enable increased renewables capacity (by storing electricity at times of low demand) and provide a multitude of services to the management of our electricity system, as well as empowering communities and consumers.
3. Floating offshore wind – which could open huge areas of the world’s deepest oceans to green energy generation. The UK is eyeing a global lead already, and funds invested on innovation could cement that advantage.
4. Low-carbon heat – which accounts for 46% of UK energy demand, but of which only 4.9% was renewable in 2014. Decarbonising the sector will mean fully developing new technologies, supporting their large-scale deployment and integrating them into our wider energy system, according to Scottish Renewables.
5. Systems integration – thinking about our heat, transport and electricity sectors as one system will allow us to be ‘smarter’ in the way we use power and drive efficiencies, increase security and reduce costs.
6. Flexible networks – could, according to the Committee on Climate Change, help save consumers up to £3.5bn per year. Securing the technology to deliver what the CCC call “a more flexible power system” will require a range of technologies such as Active Network Management, demand-side response, storage and increased interconnection, all of which are yet to be fully developed.
For further reading and the report http://www.edie.net/news/8/Six-renewable-energy-innovations-primed-for-Government-s–500m-nest-egg/

MK-NRG offers a wide variety of commercial and engineering services in the low carbon and renewable energy…

Project Management. The challenge in every construction project is to plan to do the right things, but also to deal with changes during the project with good control over time, cost and quality. We therefore focus on generating commitment in everyone involved in the project and leading them towards defined targets. We also believe in coordination between the parties in a project. This enables us to create the conditions to succeed, from the early phase until the time we complete and fill the leading and supporting positions in a construction project. We can provide experienced staff for every stage of a project’s cycle from conception and planning to delivery and post contract support. http://www.mooneykellyniras.com/services-project.html

Mooney Kelly – Environmental Policy. Mooney Kelly is a professional and environmentally-conscious organisation, which acknowledges the impact that our operations may potentially have on the environment.
The clear objective of Mooney Kelly is to minimise any impact on the environment by the implementation of an Environmental Management System that is registered to BSEN ISO 14001 : 2004 and is regularly audited by an independent certification body;
By preventing pollution, reducing waste, behaving in a socially responsible manner and ensuring, wherever practical, that measures are implemented to protect and preserve communities and natural habitats;
By taking action to eliminate or reduce as far as practicable, any potential adverse environmental impacts; and by promoting environmental awareness amongst our suppliers, contactors and partners by implantation of operational procedures. http://www.mooneykelly.com/our_environment.htm

Building Services Engineering. The integration of engineering services into building projects is a vital component of any building project. Mooney Kelly fully recognise the importance of public health, mechanical and electrical services, voice, data and video communications, security control systems and all other state-of-the-art technologies within construction projects. In fact, we employ specialist teams just for the purpose. The teams come with sound technical engineering backgrounds, which they have complemented with experience in project, commercial and contractual skill. We offer pre and post contract financial solutions on a full range of mechanical and electrical systems. http://www.mooneykelly.com/whatwe_building.htm

Looking to save ££££££’s on your construction projects. Mooney Kelly are here to do that for you. MK-NRG has an experienced commercial staff with specific knowledge of both the construction and energy sectors in the UK and internationally. We take our clients from early stage financial evaluation through to investment grade financial modelling. Our experience in PFI investment analysis allows us to advise our clients with confidence, adding value by identifying risk and developing mitigation strategies. http://www.mooneykellyniras.com/services-financial.html

Mooney Kelly Project Mangers & Quantity Surveyors. A residential refurbishment in London’s Holland Park for private clients. Total floor space 3,600 sq feet. Having a project manager on the job takes all your head aches away when under-going refurbishments, they liaise between all designers, builders and other contractors, ensuring that the various elements are completed in the most efficient manner, including the time-frame and the costs. Sound Good? Contact Mooney Kelly, info@mooneykelly.com or 020 86004190 to get started. #ProjectManagement #Quantitysurveyors #ResidentialRefurbishments #SaveMeMoney. http://www.mooneykelly.com///porfolio/res_clarenden.htm

Mooney Kelly’s Overview. Our core strengths are in project management and construction costs consultancy, within the construction, rail and sustainable energies industries. These core strengths have been developed from a grounding in the basic principles of traditional quantity surveying.
Our experiences covers many sectors including residential, education, health, sustainable energy, leisure, retail, banking, communications and offices.
In the transport sector, our projects also cover road infrastructure, overground and underground railways, tracks and stations.
In the residential sector, we have worked in all areas from high-volume social housing to single private houses 0f 30,000 square feet.
In the sustainable energy sector, we have been involved in combined heat and power (CHP), district heating and energy from waste (EfW) projects, as well as a variety of other renewable technologies.
#CostConsultancy #InfrastructureProjectManagement. http://www.mooneykelly.com///whowedoitfor.htm http://ow.ly/i/fkAar http://ow.ly/i/fkAbU